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White Salmon Rebuild

By October 18, 2019 December 4th, 2019 No Comments

White Salmon Rebuild

As we wrap up our summer projects all over the Gorge, we have been shifting our focus on an upcoming job on the White Salmon Bluff overlooking the Columbia Gorge. Surrounded by incredible views, our teams have been working carefully to take apart an existing residence, salvaging and repurposing as many pieces as possible. Many of them we donated, some were saved for repurposing. A list of these materials can be found below.

One of the most interesting aspects of this project is the positioning of the home itself while working around parts of the existing foundation. One of the main reasons behind the demolition of the existing structure was the fact that it was one of the earliest structures built on the bluff and other homes had since been built around it, blocking many of the views that it once had. Our designers and architects, taking into account the current neighboring structures, the position of the sun’s rising and setting positions, and even the location of Mt. Hood, came up with the perfect positioning for the new structure that pays homage to the views that the owners of the existing structure once enjoyed.

In addition to our salvaging of the pieces themselves, we also wanted to make sure that the new structure would last a lifetime. To this end, we are incorporating steel beams and various other structural elements that ensure that this structure will remain, one of our key tenants of sustainability.

Appliances: Donated to the Womens’ Resource Center

Cabinets and Windows: Donated to Gorge Rebuild-It Center

Oak Flooring: De-nailed, saved for repurposing

Cedar Siding: De-nailed, saved for repurposing

Roses (yes, from the rose garden): Dug up and given to old clients and subcontractors

Pavers: We are currently giving to whoever may need them! Call us for info!

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