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White Salmon Full Plaster

By November 13, 2019 December 5th, 2019 No Comments

White Salmon Full Plaster

We have a lot of people that come by the showroom for various reasons, some more than others. One of those people, our good friend Mike, stops by on a regular basis just to visit and catch up. We love it. So naturally we were excited when he came by to tell us he was building a house and would like us to come plaster it! After a few meetings regarding material, color, scheduling, and the like, we soon found ourselves loading up the van with the FINEST Limestrong plaster and getting after it.

What was interesting about this job is that when we started, we were close to reaching the deadline for everything to be finished. So, we worked around other tradespeople and their installations as we went. It actually saved us time because, for example, instead of plastering an entire wall in the kitchen just to have a majority of it covered by cabinets, we were able to work with the cabinet installers to figure out where the wall would be covered by cabinetry and worked around those areas. Less time spent covering areas that would be covered anyway. After that, the cabinets were installed right up to the plaster lines that we had left. Kind of like a big puzzle.

Everyone on the job was a pleasure to work with and we were glad we could get everything done to Mike’s specifications. After the last touchups on the house were done and all of the furniture was moved in, we got to come back around and take some photos of the finished product! Mike, Jan, and Jepson, thank you for the opportunity to sling some plaster around and thank you for being such incredible people to work with!

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