The Society Hotel

Bingen, WA

The Society Hotel, built in the historic 80-year-old Bingen School in Bingen, reflects a modern restoration to the historic school, “melding modern comfort and historical preservation”. Travelers can expect to see modern renovations along with many of the school’s original features. The original multipurpose gym has been upgraded and restored, even leaving the original floor and bleachers intact! With an upgraded lobby, cafe, and guest rooms, this spot is a must-see for Gorge locals and travelers alike. And we are incredibly proud to have worked with Society Hotel’s team on the underground yoga den, pictured below.

The den, a cave-like structure, features a central yoga room and adjacent bathroom, all plastered by our team using Limestrong “sand” plaster. The plaster provides a particular breathability to the room, while adding a more natural feel to the entire look. It was a particularly interesting project for us as some of our team had never plastered a dome structure before.

We spent a good portion of June working on it, wrapping up the project before the hotel was open to guests. Complete with a pool, full gym, and cafe, we recommend a visit to the new Society Hotel in Bingen as soon as possible! Vacation or staycation, we recommend a visit to this incredible facility. Thank you Society Hotel for the opportunity to work on such an amazing concept and project!

*Gorge Magazine Feature*

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