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Product Highlight: American Clay Forté

By August 14, 2018 December 4th, 2019 No Comments

Product Highlight: American Clay Forté

Introducing the newest creation to come from the folks over at American Clay, Forté! By far one of our most popular and requested products is American Clay, and for good reason. No matter the type, finish, or color, you really can’t go wrong with putting clay on your walls. For one, it is a healthier alternative to paint, as it contains no harsh chemicals or VOCs. And on the design side of things, the texture clay provides is incredibly pleasing in terms of both look and feel. The “negative” texture patterns that appear give you a sense of calm and space instead of other “positive” texture patterns that look like the wall is jumping out at you. Additionally, clay gives your walls a velvety texture and keeps your space cooler and dryer by absorbing excess moisture in the air.

There are so many reasons to love American Clay and the array of products they have to offer. And adding to this array is their newest variety of clay, Forté.

Forté is the newest line of American Clay’s plasters and is by far the strongest available. This line has been fortified with a pre-mixed breathable binder, giving it extra strength while simplifying the mixing process. And the best part? The stuff looks and feels just like the products that came before it. The binding agents (which are zero-VOC) do not change the nature of the clay and its application. Your walls will look and feel just as great while being stronger and more durable than ever before! This makes Forté great for any room in any space, and the durability of it ensures it can handle heavy use. Put it in your shop, lean your bike or skis against it, even kick off your muddy hiking boots around it. Forté can withstand it all, and is still fully and easily repairable and washable. And just like every other product from American Clay, any pigment can be added to it to give your space its own unique color. Stop by the showroom today to see and feel this stuff for real!

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