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Hood River Full Build

By February 13, 2020 February 19th, 2020 No Comments

Hood River Full Build

Hood River, OR

Some time ago, we were introduced to a family that had just recently moved to Hood River. After learning that they had just purchased a home in the area, we took a look at the property and the structures on it which included a home and a detached shop/garage. The property? Gorgeous. The home? Nice, but a little dated. The shop? Well, let’s just say it needed some love. After looking over the structures and hearing the owners’ plans and wishes, we found that this would be much more than a remodel. This was going to be a full rebuild. This is the home that was on the property when it was purchased. Nice, right? Also a little old, right? Right.

We started with the shop. Incorporating an entirely new design, we changed the place from a former machine shop with wet insulation to a fully livable and cozy guest room and art studio. The art studio approach was a result of one of the owners, Jeanne, who is a visual artist in need of a studio to continue her work. The guest room approach was also a result of the owners’ wishes, coupled with the necessity for them to have a place to live once we started tearing down the existing home.

While the interior remodel in the shop was a big project on its own, it was the actual home that proved to be a major undertaking. Put simply, the existing home couldn’t have been simply remodeled to meet the owners’ needs. We needed to build a new space from the ground up. What made this project so special, though, was the creative collaboration between us and the owners when it came to specific design requirements. They provided ideas and input that both excited and inspired us. We could go into it, but we will let the photos below speak for themselves. From foundation to final touchups, our teams proved to be incredible in their work and we appreciate everything they put in to this project.

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