Kirei EchoPanel

Shape the sound of your space beautifully with new EchoPanel from Kirei. Versatile EchoPanel acoustic panels and tiles add color and style to any space while quieting rooms by controlling sound reflection. EchoPanel panels and tiles are manufactured using recycled PET plastic bottles, eco-friendly dyes and no added adhesive, resulting in a green tag certified product which can help gain LEED green building credits with almost no VOC emissions. Visual Style + Acoustic Control.

Kirei Board

Kirei boards are strong, lightweight, durable, and an environmentally friendly substitute for wood- usable in furniture, cabinetry, case work, and interior design elements. Manufactured from reclaimed sorghum straw and no-added-formaldehyde adhesive, Kirei board brings a beautiful new element to modern interior design.


Bamboo is an eco-friendly panel material with a variety of surface and millwork looks usable in modern interior design and finished products. It is a rapidly renewable, sustainable resource, with no low-or-no added urea formaldehyde adhesives for the productions of the panels. Available from a variety of manufacturers, there are many different price points for bamboo panels.


Wheatboard is the answer to formaldehyde-emitting wood MDF products. With working characteristics meeting and often surpassing those of commercially available MDF, plus renewable source materials and non-toxic adhesives, Kirei Wheatboard gives you a clean slate to build what your mind designs. Fire rated Wheatboard available.


Coco Tiles are modern interiors gone tropical! Made from reclaimed coconut shells, low-VOC resins and sustainably harvested wood backer, the newest family of eco-friendly design materials can be used as decorative tiles or panels both horizontally and vertically. Featuring multiple patterns and color combinations and available in light, dark and mixed textures.


TorZo Surfaces is a US based manufacturer of sustainable surfaces that are ideal for high wear residential and commercial applications. Product applications for these surface products, which are manufactured from agricultural by products and recycled wood materials, include countertops, tabletops, tiles, vanities and flooring. In addition, Torzo Surface product can be used for vertical applications such as paneling, dividers and cabinets.

Windfall Lumber

Windfall Lumber offers a variety of unique wall and ceiling covering and engineered panels, mainly for interior use but also with some exterior applications. We build our Engineered Panels from thin strips of reclaimed Douglas fir into a convenient sheet that can be delivered unfinished, clear-coated, or stained. We work with a number of environmentally friendly, non-toxic finishes and stains.