Richlite Company, a manufacturer of paper-based countertops, offers a collection of warm and natural-feeling surface materials that breathe new life into the kitchen, bath and office. The unique paper surfaces bring a soft and comfortable ambience to a room that's rarely achieved through cold, hard stone and plastic solid surfaces. It is made from environmentally sustainable resources and is an attractive, durable, long-lasting material that complements a variety of design tastes.

Cement Elegance

Since 1997, Cement Elegance has been manufacturing decorative pre-cast concrete products. NatureCast Concrete is crack free, stain free and light weight. NatureCast Concrete counter-tops, concrete sinks, concrete furniture, and concrete fire-pits can be purchased from our growing dealer base throughout Oregon and Washington. Traditional decorative concrete is poured solid producing heavy products that crack, stain and have many seams. NatureCast Concrete utilizes a proprietary core and re-enforcement technology that produces large but lightweight pieces. NatureCast Concrete is then sealed with a stain free water-based sealer. NatureCast Concrete products come with a stain free and crack free warranty unheard of in the solid surface counter-top industry. NatureCast Concrete countertops and sinks are truly the smartest choice amongst all solid surface options.


Made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and proprietary PetroFreeª resins, PaperStone¨ is a completely sustainable solid surface material. It is versatile, innovative and stylish with the strength of steel, the beauty of stone and the warmth of wood.


Quality you can feel from start to finish. Service unparalleled in its class. From the only family-owned, American company in the quartz surfaces business. Our natural stone is ethically mined, not quarried like granite, primarily in North America, so you can rest easy. 100% of the water we use is cleaned and recycled, as is most of our tooling and scrap material.


TorZo Surfaces is a US based manufacturer of sustainable surfaces that are ideal for high wear residential and commercial applications. Product applications for these surface products, which are manufactured from agricultural by products and recycled wood materials, include countertops, tabletops, tiles, vanities and flooring. In addition, Torzo Surface product can be used for vertical applications such as paneling, dividers and cabinets.

Solid Wood Surfaces

We are a different kind of lumberyard: We offer only sustainable, restorative, and FSC® certified lumber products that are harvested and milled in the Pacific Northwest.


Founded in 1987, Caesarstone was an early pioneer of the natural quartz surfaces market. Its dominant position in the market has been achieved through continuous investment, extensive research and development, highly trained personnel and an advanced market infrastructure.


PentalQuartz combines the timeless beauty of natural stone with superior strength and durability. Engineered for easy care, this surface requires little maintenance, is versatile and long-lasting, all while providing infinite design possibilities. It is ideal for nearly any application; from kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, to bar tops and tub surrounds.