One of the most important aspects of sustainability is health - health of the indoor environment, of the occupants, of the materials. Designing and specifying with a concern for healthy indoor air quality promotes better living and working environments. We offer interior materials along with furniture and fixtures that promote indoor air quality, are toxin-free, and are water/energy-efficient. In addition to providing an inspiring environment in which to explore materials and discuss projects, we are also an educational center for learning about sustainable products, efficient energy use, and the vision of sustainability as it relates to the health of our homes, businesses, bodies, and planet.

So, who are we?

Sustain Design Collective is a group of designers, architects, builders, and individuals who share an unparalleled level of excitement and knowledge in the “green building” industry. We are proud to not only introduce ourselves as experts, but as neighbors, friends, and fellow people working to make ourselves, our peers, our spaces, and our planet healthier.

Heith England

An avid fisherman with a keen eye for design, Heith England has been working with interiors for over 20 years. He feels incredibly fortunate to live in such a beautiful area that supports his interest in creating healthy, beautiful, and functional spaces for people to live, work, and play. Currently residing just north of Hood River with his wife, Angela, Heith spends as much time outdoors as he can. Fishing, biking, running, you name it, he does it. Read More Read Less

Lorin Banks

When it comes to sales, logistics, ordering, and everything in between, I'm your go-to person. Being in this line of work, I know that the market is constantly changing and new products are always being developed. Discovering these new and unique materials is what makes my job so great. Growing up and even while raising a family of my own, I, like most people, was unaware of the hidden toxins in our living spaces. Working with Sustain and learning about how particular products can reduce these toxins has caused me to become interested in sharing these alternatives with others in order to build healthier spaces for themselves and their families. Not to mention, I absolutely love seeing our customers' reactions to how beautiful their spaces turn out! Read More Read Less

Charles Sholten

Linkedin! Read More Read Less

Alec England

Alec is currently a college student majoring in Dramatic Writing. He has worked with Sustain since 2013, writing and managing their social media pages. He also currently writes for The Site Vamp, a Hailey, ID-based web developer. Due to personal interests in physical health, he is always researching and finding new information on sustainable products and the positive effects that they can have on personal health. When not blogging or writing, he can be found doing anything from mountain biking to painting to playing any musical instrument that comes his way. Read More Read Less

Chris Frazier

I build and maintain websites full time for Chris Frazier Web Development, Sustain Interiors is one of my most proud projects, not just because of the how great the site turned out, but because of the great people and business it was for. In my spare time I like to race motocross, I also have my own brand and team known as XTC Racing. You can check it out here. Read More Read Less

Eric Palmer

With combined experiences in Fine Art Photography, Internet technology sales, US Army Watercraft, Higher Education and Missionary work I am a well rounded business professional. I have always pushed myself to be both technically and tactically proficient. I currently wear mainly two hats. One is as the Director of Communications for Remember Nhu ( An International organization that works to prevent children from t​he nightmare of sex trafficking. It is my role to help tell the story of the children and the mission of the organization. We currently have nearly 700 children in 33 homes in 9 countries. My second identify is that of a Photographer. I have operated Adaptive Photos ( since 1990. All proceeds from photography work go to support my Missionary work with Remember Nhu (a self funded position). Read More Read Less

So, what do we do?

Here at Sustain Interiors we provide the Columbia Gorge Community of homeowners, businesses, architects, designers, builders, artists, and interested residents & students with an inspiring environment in which to explore & touch sustainable materials, discuss projects & dreams, and design & create beautiful, healthy spaces. A local resource for obtaining sustainable interior finish products for home & business. An education center for learning about sustainable products, and the vision of sustainability as it relates to the health of our homes, businesses, bodies, and planet. Design, Project Management & Product Installation Services from our team of experienced professionals. A destination gallery for Gorge artists & craftsmen to display sustainably created works of art. Spectacular service & support for our clients, partners, and Community, based on our shared commitment to creating a healthier world.

So, how much does it all cost?

While there is a commonly held belief that choosing to use sustainable products in your home or office is not affordable, we constantly strive to keep our products and services within a reasonable price range. Since all jobs are unique, it is difficult to say how much a particular project will cost. Because of this, we strongly encourage you to meet with us one-on-one to discuss your project parameters and desired products. We love to see new faces in our showrooms! If you are unable to meet face-to-face with us, we are able to discuss jobs with you via email or telephone. Stop by, send us an email, or give us a call today and figure out what we can do for you!

So, are our clients happy with their finished products?